When A Cliff Collapsed In The Grand Canyon, Scientists Made An Incredible Discovery


The Grand Canyon is a deep and gorgeous canyon in Arizona that has been carved by the Colorado River for millions of years, and it’s still full of secrets waiting to be revealed. On a trail that winds its way through the red cliffs, a geologist discovered a boulder that had fallen from an ancient rock formation. Upon closer examination, the geologist noticed something surprising. What he found changed what we know about prehistoric life in Arizona.

It All Started At Bright Angel Trail

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Alexandra Schuler/picture alliance via Getty Images

This whole incredible story begins after a cliff face alongside Bright Angel Trail collapsed. This launched a boulder onto the path below, and although the rock was hiding a remarkable piece of history, it was frequently stepped over by both tourists and hikers that didn’t think anything of it.

It was overlooked for so many years, but eventually, someone with the right knowledge finally came upon it and understood its importance.