Beware of These 24 Terrifying Bridges From Around the World


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If you suffer from gephyrophobia — a fear of bridges — then you might want to avoid these particular crossings. While most of these bridges are safe to travel across, they can still make for a terrifying experience, especially if you’re afraid of heights. Here are 15 of the scariest bridges around the world, ranked in no particular order.
Here are 24 of the scariest bridges around the world.

1. Kuandinsky Bridge, Russia

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We wouldn’t recommend you take a drive across this battered 6-foot-wide bridge that has no railings or safety features in the Trans-Baikal Region.

It’s even worse when it snows — the structure’s covered in wooden planks, which can get incredibly slippery — and strong winds could send daredevil drivers plummeting into the icy river below.

The 1,870-foot-long bridge — which was originally erected as part of a train crossing — hasn’t been repaired in over three decades. Although there’s a much safer, sturdier bridge built alongside it, the Kuandinsky Bridge was never actually torn down, leaving thrill seekers free to make the dangerous trip across.