10 Symptoms of Kidney Failure


1. Changes in Urination

The kidneys work hard all day long to produce urine; therefore, when they aren’t working up to par they instantly start showing signs of trouble through this waste. First and foremost, frequent urination, especially at night, might be an initial indication that a person could be suffering from kidney failure. Another thing to look at closely, is the color of your urine; which can range from very dark orange to almost clear. It’s important to note, while people who drink a lot of water during the day may have a lighter color of urine, it should not be clear, but rather a fainter yellow. Other changes in urination to note include: noticing that your urine is bubbling, foaming, or almost looking as if it’s boiling. Blood in the urine is also a telltale sign that kidneys are in trouble.

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Changes in Urination