Style tip: multi purpose investment products


**Previously published on, I used to look for investments when I built my closet. I like fashionable fast fashion items, but unlike many people who like these items, I find it easy for me to spend more money on these items instead of spending a little more on a single item but less. Over the years, I've been managing my wardrobe with multi-purpose investment items. I like clothes that I can wear for many years. My mother used to be very disappointed with me, because I can never get rid of the "clutter" in my wardrobe, but I really believe that every trend exists at least twice, so you never know when you will need it again! This denim piece is my latest and latest investment project. It's actually a dress, but I like that I can use it as a dress, windbreaker / coat, or whatever I want. I chose a silk dress (similar to here) as my favorite autumn color, Bordeaux and fun, which is the shoes I always wear (I like the shoes I wear in autumn), also OK.

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