Your boyfriend's whiskers: spicy or not?


Oh, what we found on the Internet. With the arrival of the festival season, we are faster than you can say in 2017. It's time to consider Festival fashion and accessories, so that you can stand out from the crowd. Although all of our girls are completely used to (and perhaps tired of) decorating our heads with wreaths, it seems that men have been excluded from interesting, eccentric and eye-catching ways to add to their holiday looks.

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well, don't worry, because we stumbled across some cool, flower inspired beards that took the leaves to another level. Of course, your boyfriend may not want to stick leaves, branches, flowers and other creatures on their fur, but we find this is definitely a good way to make fun and cheer him up!

click the gallery above to view all the inspo you need! It's a few months before the festival really starts, but we have a sense of forenotice that you need to keep your partner informed and let them remove their beard. You think these lace beards Is it hot?